JA Weather Wrapping - J&a weather wraping set my boat on fire

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when j&a weather wrapping came to shrink wrap my boat one of there workers set the shrink wrap on fire with the torch they use they did 4700.oo dollars worth of damage and the owner ANDY PEDONE did not have any insurance on his company and says it is his fault but he has no money to fix my boat, now the boating season is coming and i cant use my boat because i don't have the money , he also said he was out the 225.00 dollars that i did not pay him for the original work that they had done due to the fire so now i am screwed

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I don't feel bad for you.You wanted the cheapest price possible and you didn't care if it was even a real company.

This is what you get.

Next time pay the proper amount for a real company to wrap your boat.Nobody in their right mind would use a torch to cut plastic wrapping.


A truly heartfelt "I feel Bad for you".You really should of had a signed contract, where it said he was insured.

Then you have a lawsuit.

I know you'll be careful in the future.The world's a tough place to be

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